Hotels Near Mardi Gras In Charleston, West Virginia

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Hotels Near Mardi Gras In Charleston, West Virginia

Hotels near Mardi Gras in Charleston, West Virginia offer visitors a variety of lodging options. Many of the hotels in Charleston have multiple rooms, which means they are open for guests all day long. The rooms can be reserved to suit their needs, such as early morning or late afternoon, private room or suite, and private balcony or terrace.

Most of the hotels in Charleston are close to the Mardi Gras casinos, so visitors may wish to stay at one of the nearby hotels if they want to enjoy a leisurely day of dancing. The casinos are open seven days a week, which means hotel guests can find rooms close to the activities and festivities.

Holiday hotels near Mardi Gras in Charleston include the Courtyard Marriott, which offers rooms from $99 a night. All guests can expect to receive free, unlimited drinks during the holiday season. Another is the InterContinental Charleston, which has four different lodging levels that guests can choose from. The best part about this hotel is that they offer specials on all of their services, including breakfast, movies, and dinner.

The Sheraton Charleston is another hotel that is near the Mardi Gras. This hotel has four dining levels and has separate rooms for different meal choices. This hotel has live entertainment on a nightly basis and a spacious lobby that are available for daytime drinks and snacks.

If travelers are looking for a quiet place to rest their heads after a fun-filled day, the Crowne Plaza Charleston is the perfect choice. There are three dining levels and guests can choose from a five-course dinner, an appetizer, and then dessert. This hotel offers diners that specialize in an exotic menu, which includes prawns, scallops, and shrimp as well as five-ingredient pasta.

For those who want a day or afternoon to be spent on the beach, the Hampton Inn in Charleston offers beachfront rooms overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. These rooms are comfortable and equipped with all the amenities a guest would need, including cable TV, internet access, and a washer and dryer. Breakfast is served at a modest price.

Those who prefer to do things in the afternoon can find apartments or condominiums near Mardi Gras in Charleston, where there are also bars and restaurants to satisfy any appetite. Of course, the good thing about these types of accommodations is that they are spacious and offer the comforts of home.

No matter where travelers decide to stay during Mardi Gras in Charleston, they will find a wide variety of accommodations that meet their specific needs. Guests will be able to enjoy many activities and events during the holiday season and plan their stay around whatever they want to do. Most of the hotels in Charleston are within walking distance to shopping, dining, and nightlife, so they will all make perfect holiday rentals in Charleston.