Things You Should Know Before Booking Your Trip to the Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino

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Things You Should Know Before Booking Your Trip to the Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino

There are many things that you should know before booking your trip to the Mardi Gras Holiday Park, such as if the hotel is right near the casino or if there is no casino nearby. You should also be aware of the casino’s policies concerning alcohol and gambling, and know what their policies are regarding pets.

As for the casino itself, you will need to ask about the hours they open. Some hotels close at certain times during the week, such as at 4PM. Others have specific hours that the casino is open. Make sure that you know ahead of time. You will also need to check out the location of all of the restaurants, bars and other places where you can purchase beverages and foods.

Another thing that you should be aware of when going to the Mardi Gras Holiday Park, and any other WV casino, are that the staff is very courteous and helpful. They always want to be there to take care of their customers. If there are any problems with reservations, or if there are problems with purchases, they always have a lot of helpful staff on hand to help with your questions. This may be the most important factor in your decision. Do not let anything deter you from booking your trip to the Mardi Gras Casino or hotel. The service of the staff will speak for itself.

The casinos in WV are usually very clean and comfortable. You should feel at home at the Holiday Park. However, if you are nervous about staying in a public place while participating in a raucous holiday parade, you should make sure that you tell the casino manager about it.

You should also know where to go if you are not attending the Mardi Gras Holiday Park and if you are planning on leaving town before the parade begins. Most hotels and other casinos have their own websites. You should make sure you check them out before you book a room or pay for any kind of admission tickets to the event.

There are several different types of events held in the hotel, ranging from shows that entertain guests on a nightly or weekly basis, to various carnivals that happen periodically throughout the year. Be sure you find out if the hotel has a restaurant or bar, or two so you can enjoy all of the fun activities that the Mardi Gras Holiday Park and casino have to offer, including concerts.