WV&R Hotel Casino & Resort in Mardi Gras

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WV&R Hotel Casino & Resort in Mardi Gras

WV and Maryland are very important parts of the South and Central United States. These states hold a lot of political influence in terms of federal government positions, U.S Congress seats, state government posts and House seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Most U.S. Presidents has come from WV and the surrounding area. WV is known to have some of the best music in the world, its largest city, Morgansburg, is very prosperous, very popular and is known as a tourist Mecca for travelers on all parts of the globe. Most famous musicians have graced the stage in WV including Frank Sinatra, who had his home in WV. The world’s largest rock band The Yardbirds once had their home in WV.

A visit to WV during a Mardi Gras festival will surely be a memorable one. One can witness people parading down the streets with Mardi Gras beads on them. One can also hear authentic Spanish language being spoken and the people’s excitement and energy by the casino are quite amazing to behold. There is a chance that you might even fall in love with a WV girl, if you are not a fan of Mardi Gras.

A great place to stay for Mardi Gras is the WV&R Hotel Casino & Resort. This casino and resort have four different restaurants that offer great food. There is a chance that you may catch a glimpse of a Mardi Gras dancer while dining at one of the restaurants. The WV&R Hotel Casino & Resort also have a very impressive indoor pool which is a nice diversion from the live action outside. There is a complimentary daily shuttle service that brings guests to different areas of the casino from the hotel.

There is an abundance of shopping within walking distance of this resort. There is a Mardi Gras display at the main entrance that welcomes you. There is also a thrift store within walking distance, which sells all kinds of eclectic merchandise.

The WV&R Hotel Casino & Resort are just one of many WV&R hotels that host a Mardi Gras festival each spring. Every year in March there is a parade that goes down Main Street in New Orleans. The casino also serves as the site for the “largest Mardi Gras festival in the city.” It is a huge deal for the hotel because it attracts a lot of people who come to town for Mardi Gras.

For those who are interested in having an experience similar to the ones they may have had in New Orleans, the casino has several clubs that are available for patrons to enjoy. There are also several fine restaurants that serve food similar to what is found in the Big Easy. There are bars that feature live music and dancing. There is something for everyone in the WV&R resort.